Sunday, November 6, 2011


THE POPPY FAMILY - Where Evil Grows

THE TREMELOES - Silence is Golden

It may just be my mood this evening, or the fact that our CBC radio station was playing some old sixties music today.  I cannot quite make out which is true....But, reflecting I am....

What actually comes to mind, is a teenage music programe, called MUSIC HOP, (1963--1967) it was on five days a week.  From Vancouver, it was called Let's Go, Winnipeg, Hootenanny,  Montreal, Jeunesse Oblige, Toronto, Music Hop (the original) and Halifax, Frank's Bandstand.  Believe it or not, Alex Trebek was the first host of the Toronto version.
Some other interesting tidbits,  Let's Go was the starting point for the group, The Poppy Family.  Before, Susan, was Susan Jacks, she was Susan Pesklevits.  Great group, too bad Susan and Terry split up!
The Guess Who, were the band, for two years, for the Winnipeg version. 
Halifax, was a great music venue for  all ages,  Don Messers Jubilee, Sing Along Jubilee, as well as Frank's Bandstand, originated there.

So much for a muic history lesson of the CBC!

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