Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 A Beautiful World/Devo

"Some day the earth will weep,  She will beg for Her life,  She will cry with tears of blood.
  You will make a choice,  if You will help Her or let Her die, and when She dies, You will die too."
                                                      -----John Hollowhorn-----
                                                                Oglala Lakota                  
I haven't gotten on my soapbox lately, but this is one of the issues that has been bothering me.
I am sure that most people remember the oil spill on the coast of Alaska, by the Exon Valdez.
Valdez is located in such a beautiful place.  There are Bald Eagles in every tree.  Don't ask the locals
about the oil spill, as they won't talk about it.  They are all too dependent on Exon.
Now the Canadian government wants to put in a pipeline to the coast, so that big tankers can come in
and fill up with oil.  This oil is bound mainly to China.  Great for the economy, but if there are any problems,
we are left here, to clean up the mess.


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