Sunday, June 23, 2013


I always enjoy reading blogs where people describe an outing, they have been on....
Today, was such a day.  There is a small community, nearby where I live, that actually is quite interesting.  Today, being Sunday, is their Farm and Craft Market.  More crafts than produce, but still interesting.  They did have fresh strawberries for sale, jams and jellies, artwork, jewellry, etc.  As the season progresses they have more local produce.
I had a friend visiting so we wondered through their Museum. For a small town it was very informative about the area, and lots of pictures of times past.
While we were there, we also went to a small Regional Park, Called Hardy Falls.  It is a very interesting Ecological area, in the fall, the  Kokanee spawn there.  We also saw a bird called the American Dipper that dives underwater to find food.
All and all a nice day.

Hardy Falls             American Dipper Photo

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  1. That sounds like a truly lovely day. I love the waterfall and the American Dipper too.