Monday, November 21, 2016

Critteraid Fundraiser

Last evening we went to a fundraiser for a local animal rescue.  They have a farm where they keep the animals.  Critteraid started originally when a lady had to move, and she had 30 or 40 cats.  Of course she could not find another rental that would allow that many cats.  A small group of her friends, got together and tried to find homes for the kitties. It became so popular, that they took on other animal projects.  They had a hand in rounding up some local feral cats.  Now they take in other animals that need homes!  They have lots of volunteers, have fund raisers and they also have a charity shop downtown.  It is a worthy organization. 
For this fundraiser, they had it a local hotel pub.  For your 30 dollar ticket, you got a burger, a drink and got to listen to a very good Elvis Tribute Artist.  Of course the proceeds went to help the animals!

Image result for images of Adam Fitzpatrick Elvis Tribute Artist  Image result for Critteraid  Summerland BC/images

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