Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It really pays to take some time, just the look at your life and what is going on around you.
Sometimes,  we feel like our life is not what we want it to be.  Can we actually turn our lives around and
make it more like what we have in mind for ourselves?
I was looking at the pictures of the sunami and the earthquake in Japan.  What a tragedy.  Then, to top it all
off, they have leaks in their nucular energy plants.  It does  make me wonder, what will happen next.
When we consider, where we live,  and then compare it to some of the events happening in the rest of the world, things cannot be all that bad.
I live in an area where we get aftershocks from bigger earthquakes, mostly in California.  Some of them are
very strong,  so it makes me wonder what a real earthquake would be like.

Before we complain about our lot in life, we should first,take the time, to look at the rest of the world and what they have to deal with......

"Yesterday is History.   Tomorrow is a Mystery.  And Today?  Today is a Gift.  That's why we call it the Present."
                                    -----B. Olatunji-----

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