Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Image result for images of summerland bc in march  These are some of the pictures of Summerand.  Although it is a town of  about 12,000 people it is spread out over a wide area.  This past weekend the Corporation has been doing some water upgrades.   When they first told us about these up grades, they informed us that they would be shutting the water off for four days.  We are a town that has a lot of seniors.  We also have several senior facilities for people that require a lot of care.  There was quite an uproar about not having any water.  The Corporation thought about this and decided to divert some of the agricultural water for domestic use.  Of course this water is not chlorinated so it is not fit to drink but is fine for washing, showers, etc.  We have been under a boil water advisory since last week and will be under it for a week or two to come, until they can get the water system into drinkable condition.
We  decided to make this a holiday, so we rented a motel in neighboring Penticton, for the four days.  We are a tourist area so we have a lot of motels and facilities for tourists!  The motel we rented was right across the road from the lake.  (prime, of course for when the tourists are here in the summer.)
We did some of the touristy things, and went our for lunch and dinner a few times.  If we had been totally away from our area, we would have had to have someone checking the house, and looking after the cat.  As we were only 10 miles away, we went home every day to check on the house and the cat.  It was a nice little break and we have now returned home.  We only have to remember to not drink the water!

     Corporation working on the pipes!                                                                     Image result for images of summerland bc in march                       Image result for images of summerland bc in march


  1. I like your approach of having a mini-holiday. And hope you get drinkable water back soon.

    1. Hopefully the work done now will prevent problems in the future!