Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Ivan Sayers, now in his sixties, graduated from Summerland Secondary School in 1964.  He went to Vancouver, and in 1969, he graduated from UBC with a BA in Classical studies.
Mr. Sayers specializes in the study of Women's, men's and children's fashions from 1650 to the present.
He was curator of History from 1976--1990 at the Vancouver Museum.
He has the largest private collection of Historic Clothing in Canada.  He produces fashion shows, lectures and exhibitions all over North America.
He is  a founding member of Vancouver's ORIGINAL COSTUME MUSEUM SOCIETY. (1993)
He has done many things with his knowledge:  Teaches continuing studies at Simon Fraser University, lectures on Fashion History in Design Schools, co-curates shows with collector Claus Jahnke and promotes development of a permanent space for OCMS.

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